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I have been involved with the Giants football league for 4 seasons now coaching some great teams and kids! When my son started at the Peewee level I quickly got involved by assisting the coaching staff of that team. I had played High school Football from grade 8-12 and loved it, and have been coaching for the Giants ever since. I was an assistant coach for 2 years of Fall tackle; the Offensive Coordinator for Fall Tackle; as a Head Coach for Spring Flag and this current season I am the Special Teams Coach for the inaugural Spring Elite Bantam team.


I enjoy being able to watch the kids learn and progress, not only as athletes but as young men and women. I believe the game is not all about winning but learning how to lose and play the game with respect and sportsmanship; and to develop skills that will help these players in their future.




the team

week in review


  • Christian Scott

  • Dayton Roger

  • Gage O'Neill

  • Kade Kelly

  • Austin Wegener


  • Evan Butler

  • Kalen Konrad

  • Kayleb Anhorn

  • Billy Hunter

  • Davis Lapierre

  • Jeremy Mussell

  • Logan Boychuk

  • Logan Head

  • Sebastien Gonzalez

  • Travis Richley

  • Tyler Kelly

  • Kyra Ganske

  • Logan Tocher

  • Oakley Farlin

  • Parker Clarke

  • Lucas Feaver



The Chilliwack Giants Elite 9 man Bantam team had their Friday night lights game this past weekend. The Giants faced off against the second place team in the league, the North Langley Bears.


The Giants Bantam team played their strongest game of the season with the offensive line holding strong and true, allowing the team to move the ball consistently against the Langley Bears strong defensive front. Outstanding runs right up the middle of the Bears defence by Logan Boychuck, Austin Wegener, Evan Butler and Logan Tocher kept the Bears defence in check all game long. Billy Hunter returned to the teams offence this game showing his speed and agility bouncing the ball outside along with making some key pass receptions.


The Giants Defence showed what a “No quit” attitude can do through the length of 4 quarters, with

Defensive linemen Kade Kelly, Tyler Kelly and Travis Richley punishing the Bears front 5 all game. Outstanding tackles once again by Defensive back Dayton Roger along with assists from Darien Freisen and Logan Boychuck kept the Bears Offense struggling all game. With the continued efforts by the Giants, the Defence was able to get into the backfield and make several QB sacks and No yards gained plays late into the 3rd and 4th quarters. Travis Richley had a stand out game on Defense making sure the Bears knew we were in it till the end.


The Giants were finally able to put points on the board late in the 4th quarter, led buy an amazing long drive by Logan Head at QB,  Austin Wegener and Travis Richley at Fullback, and Logan Tocher at Tail back. Travis Richley finally pounded in a short yards rumble for the score, this being only the second time all season the Bears have been scored on.


This Giants Bantam 9 man Team showed what dedication and devotion to their teammates can accomplish, never showing defeat and continuing to be the hardest working, most dedicated team in the league. Unfortunately the Giants fell to the Bears 42-6 in the end.


The Bantam Giants will travel to Ladysmith on Vancouver Island this weekend, lets make sure our hearts are with these incredible young men and women while we are away looking for the next Battle.


Chilliwack 0

Cowichan Valley 55

The Chilliwack Giants Bantam Elite 9 man team faced off against the formidable 1st Place Bulldogs at Townsend Park this Saturday. The Giants team put up a continuous battle on both sides of the ball. Defensive player Travis Richley was in the back field of the Bulldogs often, resulting in several QB sacks. Defensive player Dayton Roger was on fire this game making a large majority of the defensive tackles along the line of scrimmage; followed up by strong tackles in the secondary by Austin Wegener, Kayleb Anhorn and Gage O’neill. A fumble recovery by Darien Friesen also gave the Giants strong field position.


Offensively the Giants made great adjustments to the Bulldogs strong defensive front. Strong play calling by Logan Head at QB set up several outstanding plays. Gage O’neill was making consistent and strong runs in the first half, unfortunately falling to minor injury going into the second half of the game. The offensive line stayed the course and put up a strong fight, led by Tyler Kelly and Kade Kelly who also made a great 20yrd pass reception.


With Gage O’neill out for the second half, running backs Logan Boychuk and Logan Tocher stepped in; with Logan Tocher receiving the Giants longest pass of the game to set up a much needed first down. Full back Logan Boychuck upped his run game with tenacious runs up the middle of the Bulldogs defence. Evan Butler also stepped in at the running back position this game and made some fantastic and elusive runs against the strong team.


The Giants Bantam Elite team unfortunately were out-matched by the large and powerful Bulldogs this game, resulting in a score that did not dictate how strong the team played - full of heart, passion and dedication to their teammates and the game! The Giants Bantam Elite will face off against another top level team the North Langley Bears at home this coming week for their only Friday Night Lights Game.  Please come out and cheer on our local boys.




The Chilliwack Giants 9 man Bantam team had their first home game opener this Saturday against the North Surrey Tigers. It was a continuous battle back and forth on offence and defence, such that at half time the score was still 0-0. The Giants Defence put up several huge stops on their goal line to shut down the Tigers Offence. Defensive players Dayton Roger, Travis Richley, Austin Wegener along with the entire Defensive team, showed a no-quit, hard hitting effort through the entire game. A very tight battle back and forth, with North Surrey managing a 2 point safety against the Giants while pinned deep in their endzone.


This started a fire under the Giants Offence, with a quick 55 yard score from Billy Hunter to set the tone going into the 4th quarter. Shortly after that the Giants defence shut down the Tigers offence and gained good field position which enabled the Giants strong running fullback Gage O’Neill to rumble in for another 40+ yard score. Going late into the 4th the Tigers were starting to march the field, however a 47 yard interception return by Logan Tocher would set up the final touchdown of the game. A fantastic play set up by Logan Head to Gage O’Neill and then to Parker Clarke would put the Giants out of reach late into the fourth Quarter.


Amazing play by QB Logan Head making a large part of the Offensive play calls, followed up by great kicking and PAT converts by Logan Boychuck.  Kade Kelly at TE receiving another pass reception for a first down, along with the strength of Austin Wegener, Travis Richley, Billy Hunter, Gage O’Neill and the entire team on Offence and Defence showed what a no-quit attitude can do. The Giants are away for their next game against the West side Warriors and look forward to continue improving and becoming better as a team.




The Chilliwack Giants Bantam 9 man Team showed there never quit attitude despite being short on some key players at their first outing during Chillibowl this past weekend. Austin Wegener had great hands while filling in at tight end for a 20 yard reception setting up the team’s first TD.Kade Kelly made his first Offensive reception of the season and rumbled down the sidelines for a 15 yard Gain. The teams defence continues to show its tenacity and team tackles. Sebastian Gonzalez suffered an unfortunate injury during the second game but continued to show positive support from the sidelines while cheering on his team! Looking forward to a great fall season!  Wishing all teams the best of luck in the upcoming games.