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Head Coach Ian Parks has been coaching Football for over 20 years.  He has been a Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Special Teams Coordinator, and Receivers Coach at multiple different levels.  He has attended a number of Coaching Clinics to develop more insight into Coaching athletes at all levels, and as a Coaches Liaison for 6 years, hosted a number of clinics as well, helping with the development other Coaches.  His first priority in Coaching is; Player Development by providing an atmosphere to advance the player’s athletic ability, as well as their knowledge of the game in a team environment. 


His true passion comes from seeing his three sons develop as football players, create new friends, and learn valuable lessons about how to be good teammates.  Coach Ian is looking forward to the 2019 season with this Junior Bantam squad.  He has been helping coach this group of players for more than 5 years now, and is ready to take the next step with this group of athletes.  Together with a great Coaching staff (Sean Dallas – Defensive Coordinator, Andrew Zacharias – Offensive Coordinator amongst others), the 2019 Junior Bantam Giants are going to show that hard work pays off.




the team


  • Aiden Hewitt

  • Austin Staffen

  • Brayden Fraser

  • Brody Munro

  • Carter Dallas

  • Christian Beck

  • Gavin Parks

  • Jace Chappell

  • ​Jack Bowman

  • Jake Wood

  • Keagan Chappell

  • Logan Duff

  • Lucas Pollard

  • Talon Fischer

  • Yapo Conteh


  • Carson Raine

  • Charlie Larson

  • Erick Hauser

  • Jack Zacharias

  • Jaden Hiebner

  • Jayden Porter

  • Kaein Jenner

  • Kaiden Dyer

  • Keegan Gallant

  • Keegan Mitchell

  • Kyle Ketler

  • Matteo Reid

  • Matthew Ganske

  • Maxim Samokhvalenko

  • Mia Lum

  • Niko Knezetic

  • Noah Sandau

  • Owen Tutty

  • Owen Vanderhoek

week in review


Chilliwack Giants 0

Meadowridge Knights 62


A banged up Woodspan Development JB Giants had an away game this past week, and lost to the Knights.  With a few injured players, and a couple early bounces not going their way, the Giants faced a Knights team that was firing on all cylinders.  The 5-1 Giants aim to learn from this loss, and rally as a team moving forward, working together to finish off the season on a positive note. 


Tackler of the Game – Kaein Jenner

Blocker of the Game – Brody Munro


The Giants will host the Mission Niners on Friday night, October 18th, at 7:30 at Townsend Park.



Chilliwack Giants 41

Abbotsford Falcons 0

The Woodspan Development Giants continued their winning streak with a 41-0 win over the Abbotsford Falcons on their first Friday Night Lights game of the season.  The Giants offence was rolling again, for a total of 456 yards, 223 on the ground, and 233 in the air.  Rushing on the day was incredibly balanced with Yapo Conteh, Christian Beck, Jace Chappel, Kaein Jenner, Brody Munro, Brayden Fraser, Gavin Parks, and Carter Dallas all taking turns running the rock.  QB Aiden Hewitt threw 2 TD passes, one each to Carter Dallas and Yapo Conteh.


Yapo Conteh - 3 TD's rushing, 1 TD reception, 1 TD fumble recovery

Carter Dallas - 1 TD reception, 1 1pt Conversion

Christian Beck – 1 1pt Conversion


On defence, sacks by LB's Matteo Reid and Lucas Pollard, as well as an interception by HB Gavin Parks.  Yapo Conteh picked up a fumble that was forced by DE Brody Munro and took it 50 yards for a TD.  Corner Jace Chappel had 3 solo tackles, and was in on 4 others as well.  The entire defence forced Abbotsford to take a safety as well, for a total of 8 points for the defence.


Blocker of the Game - OL Jack Bowman

Tackler of the Game - HB Carter Dallas

IHOP Player of the Game - QB Aiden Hewitt





Chilliwack Giants 22
North Langley Bears 0


The Woodspan Development Chilliwack Giants continued their winning streak with a win over the North Langley Bears this past weekend at Townsend Park. Unfortunately, the North Langley squad couldn’t finish the game because of the number of players, but they fought hard every play, giving the Giants a great game. In only one half of play, the Giants were able to put up 237 total yards (12 runs for 173 yards, and 1 pass for 64 yards). Quarterback Aiden Hewitt connected with WR Carter Dallas for the lone passing score with a great 64 yard catch and run into the endzone.

Yapo Conteh – 2 TD’s rushing
Carter Dallas – 1 TD reception
Charlie Larson – 2 2pt conversions (PAT’s)

On defence, the Giants controlled the game on the D line with Yapo Conteh and Matthew Ganske leading the charge in the middle. Fumble recoveries by Brody Munroe, Matteo Reid, and Talon Fischer, and some great open field tackling by Matteo Reid (#14 in the photo). DE Austin Staffen had an outstanding day on the edge as well. The Giants speed and strength was the dominant factor in the win.

Blocker of the Game – Erick Hauser
Tackler of the Game – Matteo Reid

The 4-0 Woodspan Giants will host the Abbotsford Falcons this Friday, at Townsend Park at 7:30pm, for their first Friday Night Lights game of the season.





Chilliwack Giants 56

Mission Niners 0


The Woodspan Development Chilliwack Giants improved to 3-0 on the season with 9 touchdowns on the day (5 rushing & 4 receptions), by 7 different players, spreading the ball around all day.  As well as the 7 players that scored, Kaein Jenner, Noah Sandau, Carson Raine, Charlie Larson, Jack Zacharias, Brody Munro, and Brayden Fraser all either ran or caught the ball as well on offence.  QB’s Aiden Hewitt, Owen Tutty, and Christian Beck went 12/18 collectively on the day for 147 yards and 4 TD passes.  Giants running backs tallied up 215 yards on 14 carries for the day as well for a balanced attack.  Carter Dallas (#10) and Christian Beck (#1) combined for a great option play for over 60 yards on the play in the attached photos.


Christian Beck - 2 TD's (1 rushing, 1 reception)

Aiden Hewitt - 2 TD's rushing

Carter Dallas - 1 TD reception, 1 1pt conversion

Talon Fischer - 1 TD reception, 1 1pt conversion

Jace Chappell - 1 TD rushing

Austin Staffen - 1 TD rushing

Yapo Conteh - 1 TD reception


On defence, the Giants pitched a shutout with the help of Linebackers, Mateo Reid and Kaden Dyer's interceptions, and fumble recoveries by Jake Wood, Talon Fischer, and Matthew Ganske, for a total of 5 takeaways.  Linebacker Yapo Conteh was in the backfield all day as well, forcing fumbles and Safety Christian Beck led the secondary with solo tackles.


Blocker of the Game - Yapo Conteh

Tackler of the Game - Kyle Ketler


At 3-0, the Woodspan Giants look to stay atop their division with a home game against the North Langley Bears this Saturday at Townsend Park at 11:45am.



Chilliwack Giants 35
Meadow Ridge Knights 14

Another strong showing by the Junior Bantam Woodspan Development Chilliwack Giants in Week 2 action, with a total offence of 435 yards (343 on the ground, and 92 receiving). The Giants dominated on offence with runs by running backs Yapo, Christian Beck, Carter Dallas, Jace Chappell, and Brayden Fraser. QB's Aiden Hewitt (3/3 54 yards, TD), and Owen Tutty (3/4 38 yards) threw to Carter Dallas (TD), Christian Beck, Gavin Parks, and Brayden Fraser.

On defence, the Giants had an interception by Carter Dallas, 8 tackles by Dallas as well (#10 in the photo), Yapo Conteh had 6 solo tackles, and Talon Fischer (#35 in the photo) had 5 solo tackles before leaving at halftime win an injury. Gavin Parks (#22 making the tackle in the photo) had 4 tackles and Christian Beck (#1 in the photo) also chipped in with 5 solo tackles, and both had tremendous pass coverage. Special Teams, fumble recovery by Christian Beck, and great kicking by Kaein Jenner.


  • Yapo Conteh - 4 TD's rushing

  • Carter Dallas - 1 TD reception, 1 1pt conversion

  • Charlie Larson - 2 2pt conversions (PAT)

  • Blocker of the Game - Noah Sandau

  • Tackler of the Game - Carter Dallas

  • IHOP Player of the Game - Austin Staffen



Next game is in Mission at Mission Sports Park against the Niners, September 21 at 11:45am



Chilliwack Giants 43

North Langley Bears 18


In the Junior Bantam season opener, the Woodspan Development Chilliwack Giants travelled to McLeod Athletic Park to take on the North Langley Bears.  The Giants started early with a strong run game, with big runs from Yapo Conteh (#99 in the photo).  The Giants chewed up 227 yards on the ground by Yapo Conteh (148 yards and 4 TD's), Carter Dallas, Christian Beck, Jace Chappell, and Talon Fischer.  Quarterback Aiden Hewitt was 7/15 for 144 yards and 2 TD's thrown, targeting Yapo Conteh (1 TD), Carter Dallas (1 TD), Christian Beck, Talon Fischer, Gavin Parks, and Charlie Larson.


On defence, Yapo Conteh was in on 5 tackles, with 1 forced fumble, and 1 fumble recovery.  Talon Fischer had 1 tackle for a loss, as well as 2 fumble recoveries.  Christian Beck, Austin Staffen, Matteo Reid, and Jaden Porter were all in on the tackles as well.


Yapo Conteh - 5 TD's (4 rushing, 1 receiving)

Carter Dallas - 1 TD reception

Charlie Larson - 3 - 2 point conversions (PAT)

Jace Chappell - 1point conversion


Blocker of the Game - Carson Raine

Tackler of the Game - Jack Zacharias


Link to the game is at;


Next game on Saturday, September 7, at Townsend Park at 2pm when they host the 1-0 Meadow Ridge Knights in a battle for first place.


The Woodspan Development Chilliwack Giants went 4-0 this weekend to win the 11th Annual Chillibowl tournament to start the 2019 season.  With a total of 79 points for, and 12 points against, it was a total team effort.  On offence, the Giants had 679 yards rushing in the 4 games, and 7 different players scored (Yapo Conteh, Christian Beck, Jace Chappell, Kaein Jenner, Jiho Shin, Aiden Hewitt, & Charlie Larson) for a balanced attack.  On defence, the Giants had 3 shoutouts, as well as 3 takeaways, interception by Gavin Parks, and fumble recoveries by Christian Beck (for a TD) and Yapo Conteh.


Game 1 - Chilliwack Giants 20 vs North Surrey 0


TD - Yapo Conteh

TD - Christian Beck

TD - Jace Chappell

1 Point Conversions - Aiden Hewitt & Yapo Conteh


Blocker of the Game - Charlie Larson

Tackler of the Game - Talon Fischer


Game 2 - Chilliwack Giants 25 vs Prince George 0


TD - Christian Beck x 2

TD - Kaein Jenner

TD - Jiho Shin

1 Point Conversion - Yapo Conteh


Blocker of the Game - Erick Hauser

Tackler of the Game - Brayden Fraser (3 sacks and a forced fumble)


Game 3 - Chilliwack Giants 14 vs North Langley Bears 12


TD - Yapo Conteh x 2

1 Point Conversions - Christian Beck & Yapo Conteh


Blocker of the Game - Kaein Jenner

Tackler of the Game - Aiden Hewitt


Game 4 - Chilliwack Giants 20 vs Meadow Ridge Knights 0


TD - Yapo Conteh x3

1 Point Conversions - Charlie Larson & Yapo Conteh


Blocker of the Game - Jake Wood

Tackler of the Game - Yapo Conteh


IHOP Player of the Tournament - Yapo Conteh


Youtube Link Field A (Game 1 @ 6:40, 3 @ 2:48:22, & 4 @ 4:08:38)


Next Tournament will be the 50th Annual Bronze Boot Tournament at Bear Creek Park in Surrey on August 24th.